John Pang

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Dr. John Pang obtained his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology, after successfully defending his thesis “Online Platforms in Networked Markets: Transparency, Anticipation and Demand Management”, which was also awarded the Amori Outstanding Dissertation Award for the Computing and Mathematical Sciences. At Caltech, he was advised by Professors Adam Wierman and Steven Low, and his research interests lie in the intersection of or the cross-play between algorithms, optimization and control.

He is currently a Data Scientist at the Software Technology and Innovation Center (STIC), Menlo Park, CA. Since joining STIC in 2019, he has participated in the Production Platform Reservoir Symposium Data Challenge, and is one of the finalists for the 2020 FIZZ Forum, an internal digital showcase at Schlumberger. He was a (co-)mentor to two summer interns in 2019, and have also recently volunteered as a judge and mentor at hack:now, a global hackathon organized by UC Berkeley non-profit student group Cal Hacks to tackle some problems that arised from the Covid-19 pandemic.